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Your Twitter search history is part of your Twitter data, this is what Twitter uses to populate your interests. It is also used to influence the kind of ads you see in your feed. When you first sign up to twitter, you are prompted to follow a few accounts and search for interesting people you would like to follow.

Normal users won't know if you visited any particular profile (even people that blocked you) as that information is not made public by Twitter. So if you browse profiles on the Twitter web app or thru Twitter’s own mobile app, there is nearly zero Jul 11, 2020 · The Ballad of @The_BigSam: A history of parody football Twitter accounts Jack Pitt-Brooke Jul 10, 2020 Primrose Valley is a popular caravan park on the Yorkshire coast, just south of Scarborough. Jun 16, 2015 · Even after Twitter accounts have been deleted and are long gone, it’s still often possible to track their username progressions, and establish an overview of what the users were up to. It’s admittedly more difficult with deleted accounts, but it’s straightforward with currently active, public accounts.