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Sep 25, 2018 unistd.h - Wikipedia In the C and C++ programming languages, unistd.h is the name of the header file that provides access to the POSIX operating system API.It is defined by the POSIX.1 standard, the base of the Single Unix Specification, and should therefore be available in any conforming (or quasi-conforming) operating system/compiler (all official versions of UNIX, and also macOS, Linux, etc.). Where is <unistd.h> ? - C++ Forum Jan 16, 2012

windows unistd.h 忘備録 OpenCV を Windows でコンパイルしようとしたり、何かにつけて、引っかかるので、忘備録。 ここを参照しろ。

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Where is <unistd.h> ? - C++ Forum

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