The original PlayStation 3's case was designed by Teiyu Goto of Sony, and uses the Spider-Man 3 font. It has a glossy piano-black finish, and the power and eject buttons are touch-sensitive. The PlayStation 3 Slim is quieter and more compact than its predecessor. …

PlayStation 3 is a popular gaming console that can play not only video games, but also Blu-ray discs. Another advanced feature of the PlayStation 3 is the wireless controllers. These controllers can connect directly to your PS3, but they are primarily intended for wireless use. If are having problems playing or loading some of your games, please try the following troubleshooting steps as they may resolve the problem. Try a different disc Try playing different CDs, DVDs, and games on the PS3 console to see if the problem exists across multiple discs. Confirm the disc is clean Sep 27, 2008 · check the file information on the ps3 - it will show the audio codec used - hit triangle/information it it's not ps3 compatible it won't play. you can't download codecs to the ps3 other than what Procedure to reset video settings on the PS3. Make sure that you have only 1 type of video cable connected between your PS3 and your TV or monitor, an HDMI cable is optimal. If you have multiple video connections the reset sometimes does not work. Make sure that your TV or monitor is turned on and set to the proper input for your PS3. Feb 02, 2009 · the 1st answerer is real. i'm presently working the video by using a HDMI cord to my television and that i'm working the audio out by using an optical cord to my amplifier. it incredibly is an elementary putting substitute interior the audio settings of your PS3.

Aug 27, 2012

The issue: No video from the PS3 via HDMI. The PS3 itself has been confirmed to be fine by both a repair shop and on my other TV. The HDMI cable and HDMI port on the TV are both fine because they work with the Xbox. Something HAS to be broken, but I don't know what it is! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Depending on the data type, some files may not be playable or some control panel options may not function during playback. Some video files distributed over the Internet have playback restrictions. For details, contact the content provider. To play WMV format files, you must go to (Settings) > (System Settings) and set [Enable WMA Playback].

2018-Oct-30 youtube on ps3: Cannot watch any videos as the “library thumbnails” remain on screen while the selected video plays in the background. My YouTube is not working either. Videos

Jan 30, 2016 · In this video I have shown how you can reset the display adapter of PS3 when you are getting no display or getting low resolution . Oct 23, 2007 · Here I demonstrate the infamous HDMI-problem many Playstation 3-owners suffer! I am sorry for the poor sound quality, I had to use my Macs built-in mic for this. Comments are turned off. May 15, 2017 · The Restore PlayStation 3 System option will not only restore the default settings, but it will also delete all hard disk content. (You will lose all saved content from your PlayStation 3 system's hard drive if you use Restore PlayStation 3 System.)