Secure messaging apps are in the news these days, following a WikiLeaks dump of alleged CIA documents that showed how hackers might be able to circumvent smartphone privacy protections. The leak Secure Text Keyboard makes sending private messages easier than other competing encryption apps as it uses the keyboard for sending private messages. Once the keys are set up in the app, you do not have to switch back n forth between the app and your messenger/chat app. Jun 13, 2019 · But Wickr Me might be the most secure app of its kind, thanks to a few features not seen in Telegram, Signal, or elsewhere. The app is a standard messaging app for individuals or groups of up to 10 people. You can send text, video, images, and files of less than 10MB securely and privately. New “Safe Text” Mobile App Offers A More Secure Mobile Messaging Alternative. Available via Google Play beginning July 22, 2015 The Cayman Islands, July 22 2015 – Safe Text Ltd announced the official launch of the Safe Text mobile app and its corresponding website, Safe-Text.com. Designed […]

Threema is another secure messaging app that aims to keep your data out of the hands of corporations and governments. The app can be used anonymously, and it's not just messages but also phone

miSecureMessages is a secure, two-way instant smartphone and tablet messaging Android App that uses encryption to keep your messages private. Messages can be sent securely from device to device

21Text provides a secure HIPAA- Compliant platform to communicate within your healthcare team across smartphones and web-enabled devices. To initiate a secure text channel, one needs to invite the other side to set up secure channel. The other side can simply download iPlum app and setup a free account. Example : Healthcare professionals can initiate a channel with their patient clients for secure texting. „Secure Text Message“ is an easy and save way to send secret messages.:: Encrypt and decrypt messages Using a self-selected password will scramble your messages. Based on your chosen password, the text can be unscrambled.:: Text-messages Send the encrypted or decrypted message directly from the app as a text-message.